On June 29th, the CGA announced it would no longer provide certification services for ASSE 6015/CGA M-1, ASSE 6035, or ASSE 6055.

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) named Medical Gas Training Institute (MGTI) as a recommended organization to assist with transitioning and maintaining your certifications.  MGTI utilizes an online process composed of self-paced lessons and a final exam. MGTI provides this service exclusively through Medical Gas Certifications.

To renew your existing medical gas certification, please visit our renewal page.

Summary of CGA Announcement – June 29, 2023

To: All CGA Certification Board LLC ASSE 6015/CGA M-1, ASSE 6035, and ASSE 6055 Certification Holders

We are writing to inform you about an important update regarding the CGA Certification Board LLC (CGACB) and the future provision of certifications. Effective immediately, the CGACB will no longer be providing certifications or associated services for ASSE 6015/CGA M-1, ASSE 6035, or ASSE 6055.

We understand that certifications are crucial for professionals like yourself to demonstrate your expertise and maintain your professional standing. Therefore, we want to ensure a smooth transition for you to continue pursuing your certification needs…to ensure that your credentials will continue to be serviced. These providers have agreed to verify your credentials upon request, and to allow you to seek renewal of any current, unexpired CGACB certification in accordance with their pricing and test structure for renewal exams.

We recommend considering the following…for your future certification requirements:

Medical Gas Training Institute (MGTI) is the knowledge leader in the medical and laboratory gas training, certification, and consulting services for the health care and institutional sectors of the compressed gases and cryogenic fluids industry. Their training and certification programs are developed by some of the most respected authorities in the industry. Please contact MGTI at support@medgasinstitute.com or (603) 487-3800 with any questions. You can find more details about their offerings by visiting their website at www.medgasinstitute.com.

We value your commitment to professional development and appreciate the trust you have placed in the CGACB over the years. We are confident that…Medical Gas Training Institute will be able to support your certification needs and offer you the same level of excellence and credibility you have come to expect.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this transition. We wish you continued success in your professional endeavors.